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Road to Recovery: Tackling Driver Anxiety

Road to Recovery: Tackling Driver Anxiety

Having trouble getting back into a car after being in a crash? You're not alone.

You've been faced with a traumatic event and you're trying to deal with the emotional and physical consequences. It's not surprising that you want to avoid the activity that resulted in the trauma.

What is Driver Anxiety?

Driver anxiety is when anxiety symptoms are triggered by driving or anticipating driving. Common symptoms include:

Planning Down the Road: How aging can affect driving and what to do about it

Aging and driving

You’ve been driving for years! You’re probably one of the most experienced people on the road… but there’s no denying it, aging can affect our ability to drive safely.

We all know our bodies change as we age, what many people don’t realize is these changes can affect our ability to drive. This means we may have to make some changes to stay on the road for as long as possible… and as safely as possible.

The challenge? Every person and their aging process is different, so there is no one age to stop driving.