DriveABLE Assessments

DriveABLE Assessments

In-Office Cognitive Assessment (DCAT)

This standardized, objective assessment includes six tasks that measure 22 variables relevant to the functional abilities related to driving. Though the interface for the in-office assessment is a computer touch screen, the driver does not need any computer skills.

It is administered by certified health professionals and can be used to:

Monitor an injured driver’s rehabilitation
Monitor cognitive decline in driver’s with progressive cognitive impairments
Identify if further driving evaluation is required
Determine the timing and appropriateness of actions and interventions

On-Road Cognitive Evaluation (DORE)

This evidence-based driving evaluation uses a standardized, evidence-based protocol to ensure drivers are assessed fairly and accurately. It is used to determine if a driver has the cognitive abilities needed to drive when the DCAT is inconclusive.

It is conducted by certified driving instructors and can be used to:

Determine if a driver has the cognitive abilities needed to drive
Determine if an intervention is appropriate
Monitor a driver's change in cognitive abilities related to driving over time

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