Return to Driving

Return to Driving

What is it?

Driving is complex. You have to see what's happening, decide what to do and then do it....all in a fast moving environment. If any of these abilities are affected by an injury or medical condition, then your driving can be affected.

You might have to stop driving for a period of time and then need help to return to driving. Or you might be able to continue driving but need to learn to adjust your driving to remain safe.

Insight’s Return to Driving program can help support a safe and successful return to driving after:

  • Concussion
  • Injury
  • Illness
  • Surgery

Return to Driving program

Insight's Return to Driving program:

Customizes sessions to your specific needs
Ensures the right intervention is provided at the right time
Uses certified driving and health professionals
Offers a cost effective solution
Provides a detailed report with recommendations