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Insight uses evidence-based screens and assessments to evaluate driver’s ability to drive safely. Insight helps identify patients who:

Are ready to return to driving
Have driving related risk factors
Need closer monitoring
Are experiencing post-crash anxiety or stress-related symptoms
Require further assessments
Could benefit from an intervention
Should be warned not to drive

Services We Offer


Scientifically developed and validated
Highly predictive of actual on-road ability
Most accurate assessment of cognitive abilities related to driving
Standardized testing
No computer skills required

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Post-Crash Anxiety Screen

15 minute, online test that can be completed at home or in the office
Identifies symptoms consistent with the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Health Disorders V (DSM V)
Rehabilitation protocol designed to address anxiety disorders related to driving
Available in English, Spanish, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese

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Health Professionals FAQs

Health Professionals have specific and often unique questions about our screens and assessments.
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